Inner Shift Insight – Looking in the Mirror

Inner Shift Insight – Looking in the Mirror

“When we face ourselves in the mirror, we see our “outer” reflection.
When we face our judgments and praises in others, we see our “inner” reflection”Looking in the Mirror

Using the world as your mirror is a powerful tool for inner healing, for we project on to others that which needs healing or acknowledging within ourselves.

When you can see where you are imposing judgment on another, you can see where you are imposing judgment on yourself. Having awareness of this reflection, you can begin to replace judgment with compassion and embark on your journey of inner healing.

We can also use the mirror as a positive reflection. If there is someone in your life whom you look up to, admire, or find yourself saying “I would like to be like that”, know that this too, is a reflection of a part of you that can be seen, acknowledged and accepted so your inner light can shine.

Inner Shift:
Who in your world is your mirror? Who and what are you judging? Who and what are you praising? Turn inward to the judgement or praise and see this part of yourself. Now, how can you begin to either practice compassion for yourself so you can understand and let the judgement go, or, own and acknowledge that, what you are praising in another, is in you,

If this resonates with you and you would like to learn more about the process of using reflection as a tool for expanded inner awareness and healing, I invite you to join me for my workshop called      “Stop the Blame Game”.
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Posted by Karen Laskey