counselling & hypnotherapy for self-esteem and confidence

Is self-doubt and insecurity haunting you? Are you engaged is self-destructive attitudes?

If you lack self-esteem and confidence you may fear failure. You doubt yourself and don’t really believe you can achieve. You feel self-conscious and censor and judge yourself. You have a sense of unworthiness that leaves you feeling needy, yet protected. You may be isolating yourself and engaged in self-destructive attitudes. Or you keep attaching yourself to unhealthy people and circumstances. You simply don’t feel good about yourself. If this is you, I can help.

Self-esteem is about who you are. Self-confidence is about what you do.

Self-esteem is your belief about who you are – the being state, while self-confidence is your belief in your ability to perform – the doing state. It is possible to feel very confident while experiencing low self-esteem and vice versa, although these experiences inevitably overlap.

You can realize you true potential.

I work with you to explore your feelings, situations and beliefs that are preventing you from realizing your potential. I will help you pinpoint and understand the root causes of your struggle. Once discovered, hypnotherapy will be used to fill you with positive suggestions for change and growth. You will feel strong, independent and capable.

Are you ready to breakthrough the patterns and eliminate fear and self-consciousness?

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“Helping You, Breakthrough”

improved self-esteem and confidence

… and believe in yourself.

I began to see Karen because of a deep inner feeling of not belonging — not being “me” for fear of rejection, and feeling guilt and shame for who I was. In only five sessions Karen, through self-exploration and hypnotherapy, was able to help me discover the root cause of this and ultimately shift my perception and belief about myself which resulted in me feeling completely comfortable with being “me”. Since then, I am my “true self” in all my affairs and feel empowered and happy. The work I did with Karen truly changed my life.

Cindee Doll,
Sales Consultant