Positive Affirmation Workshop

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Positive Affimation Meditation

Positive Affirmation Workshop


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Positive Affirmation Workshop

We’ve all heard of positive affirmations – a positive statement that declares something exists or is true. So why is it more often that not, they simply don’t work. The answer is this – there is a belief in your subconscious that directly contradicts what you are trying to manifest. For example, if you have an affirmation to attract love into your life, but underneath you don’t love yourself or know how to receive love, your affirmation will never work no matter how often your repeat it. Buried in your subconscious is an opposite belief. And your subconscious runs the show.

Therefore, in order to create a powerful and effective positive affirmation, it  must be a true, believable statement. A statement that your subconscious can agree with..

In this workshop  you will learn how to create a positive affirmation that your subconscious agrees with. A positive self-statement that, when spoken, evokes feelings of presence, truth and believability.

You will be guided in hypnotherapy to tap into your powerful subconscious in order to assist in the process, and to reinforce the truth of your positive statement.

Work­shop Details:

DATE: Monday, April 4, 2016
TIME: 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
LOCATION: Laskey Coun­selling & Hyp­nother­apy
625 Fifth Avenue, Suite 607, New West­min­ster, BC


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