Have you ever wondered why you do some of the things you do, or are drawn to particular cultures or eras or hobbies? Perhaps you have a close affinity for a particular type of animal or you have body sensitivities or aversions that don’t make sense. And there is always those feelings of deep familiarity, kinship or friendship with another — the term we coin Soul Mate.

Past-Life Regression is a method of going back to earlier lifetimes to retrieve memories, patterns and events that may still be influencing our lives today.

With Past Life Regression we can move through and heal the root cause of a present situation, release karmic patterns, complete old unfinished business, understand current relationships, lift old restrictions and blocks to healing, and gain a spiritual perspective of your life situation. We can go back to previous lifetimes for the purpose of understanding and learning, or for the purpose of bringing back talents, values, feelings and gifts we possessed in other lives.

Past life memories and experiences are a springboard for understanding our current challenges.

This is where past life regression becomes present life therapy. We can use the discoveries of past lives to help  breakthrough  present life challenges and obstacles.

During regression hypnotherapy we can, and often do, go back to a past life situation which is simply part of the therapeutic process. However, I also offer stand-alone past life regression sessions which are perfect for those who are not seeking therapy, but may be curious to explore this mystical idea of other lives. These sessions are 2 – 3 hours in length and for exploration purposes only.

Are you ready to breakthrough ancient patterns and blocks? Are you curious about your past lives?

Isn’t it time you discovered who you really are?

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