Are You Distracted

Is distraction sabotaging your best efforts?

Sometimes distraction is a tap on our shoulder from within telling us that we are off track.  We have strayed from our original intention that fed our deepest sense of self - our true desire and intention. This distraction, or straying, can be disguised as procrastination, lack of organization or the feeling of being too busy.  And yes, although these situations can be true, sometimes it is a sign that we need to delve deeper into our motives.

I have a client I’ll call “stuck Steve”. Due to confidentiality I need to be vague here.  But I can tell you he is a self-employed entrepreneur.  He came to see me because he wanted help with his self-diagnosed condition of chronic procrastination. He felt lost, foolish, depressed even.  He felt a failure, harming his business and his family through his lack of drive. And the frustrating part was, he knew what he needed to do, and just wasn’t doing it.  Or so he thought. 

He felt that he was stuck in procrastination because he was buried under mounds of paperwork and lack of organization.  Or, the big one - fear.  Fear of what, he didn’t know but he was willing to face that there could be something in his subconscious that was holding him back. 

As we explored his experience of himself and his life, we uncovered all the clutter and chatter that was deafening him to his inner voice.  Steve was able to understand that “tap on the shoulder” and it was very different from what he had suspected.  It wasn’t because deep down he was inept or incapable, it was because he had lost sight of his purpose - his inner calling that was the driving force in his entrepreneurial journey. Somewhere along the path a subconscious part of him had pulled him away.  It wasn’t fear for Steve, but an unconscious, old belief that was no longer relevant.  Steve was able to retrace his steps, get back in alignment with his purpose and experience his passion and desire for his work.  Oh, and yes, he did indeed need an assistant, but now he knew exactly what for.

Fortunately for Steve, he hadn’t drifted too far for too long, but that is not always the case.

We can find ourselves “distracted” by many others things - lack of confidence, upper limit syndrome, depression, anxiety, taking care of others and even poor health to name a few.  But we can always, always uncover our inner calling and realign ourselves with our deepest desires - our purpose.

So if you hear yourself say - What am I doing?  Why am I not doing….?  How did I get here? What’s going on?

Stop, and feel the tap on your shoulder, and know that your inner voice is calling you.