“break through mental and emotional blocks

and create The Life of Your Dreams”

You feel a better, more fulfilling life is within reach; but at each turn, mental blocks and the sense of being lost, hold you back.

Enough is enough!

You vow to work through the issues, yet instead of finding answers, you plod along each day, aware that your life is lacking.

Enough is enough!

Are you tired of it? Tired of being afraid, tired of doubting yourself, tired of being unhappy. Do you just want to get on with it?

It’s time for a real solution.

Break free of the mental and emotional blocks and discover the inner growth you are capable of. By partnering with someone who understands what it’s like to feel trapped and seeking answers, you will find your path to freedom.

Get ready to dig in and breakthrough to the life you were meant to live.

Take the first step and call now for a free consultation – 778-397-5300.

“Helping You, Breakthrough”

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know about my progress. I must tell you that I have never felt better. I feel more grounded and focused and I can deal better in trying circumstances. All in all, I have to say that your approach to treatment has made a world of difference to me and those involved in my life…..Robert H.


Meet Karen

Karen Laskey, Counsellor and Hypnotherapist in New Westminster
I know what it’s like to feel lost and trapped in your own life. I’ve been there. Now, I dedicate my life to helping others find the answers they need to live life to the…

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about therapy

Counselling Hypnotherapy in New Westminster
You may be reluctant to give yourself the opportunity for therapy, perhaps thinking that you should just get on with things yourself or you think seeking help is a sign…

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is this you?

Counselling Hypnotherapy for feeling lost, stuck, overwhelmed
By working with you to uncover the unconscious beliefs and ideas that are lurking in the background and keeping you stuck, you will experience increased awareness…

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past life regression

Workshop Discover Your Past Lives

Past-Life Regression is a method of going back to earlier lifetimes to retrieve memories, patterns and events that may still be influencing our lives today.

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Meditation Classes

Meditation Classes
These meditation classes are guided, which means I will walk you through step by step and are for the purpose of increasing inner awareness.

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Shadow Workshops
Our subconscious mind is, in essence, who we are. It houses our values, emotions, memories, ideas. It is our imagination, our creativity, our intuition. It is our spirit…

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Self Help, Powerful Wrokshops, Meditation Classes
Hypnosis (hypnotherapy) may be used for unconscious exploration, to better understand underlying motivations or identify whether past events …

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Hypnosis recordings

Self Hypnosis Downloads
These Hypnosis sessions are designed to prompt deep relaxation in your mind and body. They are meant for general use only and are…

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gift certificates

Gift Certificates

Gifts for the Inner Self are very personal and you may not be sure whether a class, download or something else is right. A gift certificate allows the recipient to decide.

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