private group meditation classes

classes are available for private groups of 5 or more


Research has shown that meditation offers many benefits, including regulating your stress and energy levels, improving your creative thinking and helping contribute to professional and personal success. Just as regular exercise can make your body stronger and more flexible, regular meditation can strengthen your mind, helping you handle the stress and pressures of daily life. Even better—the more you meditate, the more likely you are to reap the positive benefits of meditation even when you are not actively meditating.

These meditation classes are guided, for the purpose of increasing inner awareness, which means I will walk you through the process step by step. Meditations vary from visualizing, to sensing to feeling.  There is no wrong way to go through a meditation exercise – you will find your own unique way of experiencing your inner being  Each class is 90 minutes in length.

All guided meditations are intended to help you awaken to your true potential.  They will have a theme and a teaching component and an opportunity to share (if desired) and learn from others. Keep in mind there is no “have to” – only what feels appropriate for you.  If you want to share, you can share.  If you want to listen, you can listen. Offering through sharing, and receiving through listening, are equally valuable.

If you are interested in organizing a meditation class for you and your friends, family or colleagues, please call 778-397-5300.

Karen’s guided meditations are at once cleansing, soothing, reassuring and transforming! What a great way to empty the “garbage-bin” of our mind! Your work is instrumental in inspiring others’ towards living a more fulfilling, soul-purpose-oriented life! -Dr. Michael H. Likey D.D., Ph.D., H.Dip., Psy.Th.D. Author of “The Science of the Soul”

heal your body

You are the only person who thinks in Your mind. You are the power and authority in your world”…. Louse Hay

There are many different forms of energy healing and there are specific techniques which allow a healer to channel energy into a person seeking help.  You too can channel this healing energy into your body to enhance your physical, emotional and mental health.  

In this guided meditation we will explore the Chakras, the energy points within  the body, as a tool for self-healing. You will learn how to use the energy of each chakra to address specific ailments and discomforts, and an easy step by step technique for balancing your own energy.

This meditation class is perfect for those who would like a tangible, “how to” tool for clearing and balancing their energy, and utilizing the power of universal healing energy to be more in charge of their own health and well-being.






Heal Your Body


discover your inner healer

“Finding your highest level of consciousness releases healing energy throughout the body system”…..unknown

Your Inner Healer is an aspect of your Higher Self and as such resides in your super-conscious mind. Contacting your Inner Healer places you in touch with a source of wisdom and clarity that can guide you in finding answers to difficult health problems or emotional traumas you may be dealing with. You can give your Inner Healer permission to show you everything that will be helpful in bringing light and healing into your mind, emotions, and body.

In this meditation class, you will be guided to meet your Inner Healer. You will learn how to feel your connection to the wisdom within, ask questions about your health, and receive healing.

This meditation class is good for those who would like to be more in charge of their own healing and more connected to the health of the mind, body and emotions.







Attracting Abundance

“Our essential nature is one of pure potentiality”….. Deepak Chopra

Abundance is the quality of possessing plenty.  It is a consciousness, a feeling, a way of being. Attracting abundance is usually perceived as obtaining material wealth and possessions, but it can also refer to attracting the right relationship or a desired experience.

We develop abundance consciousness by developing a higher vision of ourselves and our lives.  Feeling and expressing gratitude and appreciation for example, is a key to abundant consciousness.

In this guided meditation class, we will explore the concept of “abundance consciousness” and you will be guided to connect to the essence of abundance – how you experience it within. As well, you will learn a meditation exercise for manifesting a specific object or experience.






attracting abundance


ignite your confidence

“If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. If you have confidence, you have won before you have even started”….. Marcus Tillus Cicero

Self-confidence is extremely important in almost every aspect of our lives, yet so many people struggle to find it. Sadly, this can be a vicious cycle: People who lack self-confidence can find it difficult to become successful, yet success is one of the key ways to build self-confidence.

In this guided meditation class, you will have an opportunity to re-establish the connection with the confident you. You will be guided to remember how it feels being that person, with all the qualities and traits of confidence. With those resources steadfast in your mind, you will then be guided to a vision of you now, embodying those confident traits.

This meditation class is perfect for everyone, from those who’ve lost their confidence completely, to those who’d simply like a boost in their confidence level.


I was excited about and interested in the “Confidence” workshop last week, to be certain; although I wasn’t all that convinced I needed it and that it could really help me. But the last several days, while at work, I’ve felt incredibly vibrant, powerful, and much more sure of my worth than I have in months. I can’t intellectualize it – but something has shifted. I almost haven’t even needed to think about it – haven’t needed to struggle with it or talk myself into it – that feeling has just been available to me….Lindsay







Self Love

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it” …. Rumi

We all seek love, we all yearn for love, we all need love.  But the contradiction here is that we ARE love. Our very true nature, our energy of life, is love.  Unfortunately not recognizing that, we look outward for love.   Although you can journey outside yourself, the person to give your love to (and who, in return, must return that love) is the one you are with every minute of the day – you.  We need to restore love within as the key to happiness.

In this meditation class we will explore the essence of love. How to recognize the flavours of love in the simplest of ways, and how to experience more love in your life.  You will be guided in meditation to feel the energy of love within you, to project it outward to others and ultimately live the love you feel within.

The journey to self-love is life long, and this guided meditation class is a wonderful beginning if you are seeking to experience and know love in a new way.




Self Love


law of attraction

“To bring anything into your life, imagine that it’s already there”….. Richard Bach

The Law of Attraction states that what we focus on is what we attract, positive or negative. This means that we have enormous potential to create the life we want. It also means that we have huge potential to create the life we don’t want.

In this guided meditation class we will explore the different aspects of the Law of Attraction. Why it does and doesn’t work and how to use it effectively. You will be guided through a 6 step process that you can use anytime, anywhere to create positive changes in your life.

This mediation class is perfect for those who feel frustrated with their past ineffective use of the Law of Attraction, or for those who are interested in learning about this fascinating subject and how to apply it to their daily lives.





the law of attraction


connect to your higher self

“The key to the universe lies dormant within the self, waiting to awaken through self-discovery”….. Taijoon Lee

Your Higher Self is You.  It is not out there in the Ether, but is you, your consciousness, in your body. It is you whispering guidance to yourself about your highest path and purpose. It is you offering wisdom and direction about where to go next. Sometimes these directions can take a while to come through to your conscious mind but there are ways to access the wisdom of your Higher Self directly by bypassing the mind and recognizing it’s whisperings through the body.

In this guided meditation class, you will have an opportunity to connect to the energy and sense of your higher self.  You will learn how to “feel” when you are in alignment and when you are not.  You will learn to identify the yes and no answers that come from your higher self.

This meditation class is good for those who are beginning their inward journey of self-exploration, or for those who would like a reminder of how to align and connect to their higher self.








living your purpose

“Purpose is spirit seeking expression”….. Kevin Cashman

Your life’s purpose is not something you create or some great idea you come up with, it is there all the time and always calling you. It is designed to be experience and revealed over your lifetime, in other words – your destiny.

There is no-one else in the world that is here to be who you are and give what you have to give. When you tap into the energy and expression of your life’s purpose, life is rewarding,fulfilling and easy. You are happy and joyful and fully expressing who you are to the world.

In this meditation class we will explore the idea of purpose and destiny.  You will guided in meditation to tap into your energy and feeling of being purposeful so that you can identify when you are on track and when you have stepped off your path.

Discovering and living your purpose is life’s journey and this guided meditation class is a wonderful first step.  For some, it may simply be a reminder of what we already know.